Train London to Avignon
Train London to Avignon

Train London to Avignon

Train London to Avignon If you want to get into the real pleasure of Roman culture and history, nothing is better than a visit to Avignon.Catch your London Avignon train and come to Avignon station where the city welcomes you in purely Roman style and culture. The time when you board into your London Avignon Train is the time when your excitement, enthusiasm is on the peek.

In the Vaucluse department of Southeastern France this wonderful city is located. Avignon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is full of art, commerce, history and cultural heritage.Once to enter the city and come out form your London Avignon train, the familiar nature will not let you go out of the city. The small events of the city also give a special touch to your days and nights.

How to reach Avignon?

By Rail :- You can take your London to Avignon Train to reach the city in a very comfortable way. Train London Avignon will take you from St PancrasInternational London to Avignon by change in Lille or Paris. Thisis a very comfortable and budgeted way to reach the city.

By Air :- You can reach the city by catching your flight from London to Avignon Airport, which is just 8 km away from the city centre. You can catch various flights like: Bristish Airways, Skyjet, Airfrance, KLM, Flight heros etc.

By Road :- you can get into the city by taking bus from London, which will travel, through the National Express Route UK to Avignon. This can be little tiredy and more time consuming.

Avignon by Eurostar

Avignon by  EurostarEurostar has lots of London Avignon trains, whichtravels daily from London to Avignon. Eurostar London to Avignon train gives you special facilities while boarding and also when you get into the train you can enjoy lots of food and drinks. You need to get worried about the fare. We charge reasonable for your comfortable journey. London Avignon train fare tarts from £119. The total journey from London to Avignon by train is approximately 6 hours.

You can catch your London Avignon train from St Pancras International train Station to Lille or Paris and then by a simple change and catching a TGV you can reach Avignon. You need not to buy different tickets for the two trains. Just book a single London Avignon train ticket and you can easily reach to the city.

Eurostar London to Avignon Train Schedule:-

Departs Arrives Duration Train number Changes
5:25 13:17 06h52m 9078 1
6:52 13:56 06h04m 9004 1
7:34 14:39 06h05m 9112 1
8:55 15:56 06h01m 9012 1
9:22 16:27 06h05m 9014 1
9:44 17:10 06h26m 9074 1
11:01 17:56 05h55m 9020 1
12:28 19:26 05h58m 9024 1
12:28 19:56 06h28m 9024 1
13:00 19:56 05h56m 9026 1
14:02 21:26 06h24m 9030 1
14:02 21:56 06h54m 9030 1
15:02 21:56 05h54m 9034 1
16:02 22:55 05h53m 9038 1
16:02 23:25 06h23m 9038 1
16:22 23:25 06h03m 9040 1

Avignon via Paris :- While traveling in London Avignon train, you have to change your train to reach Avignon. Paris Gare du Nord is the station from where you can get TGV to Avignon. You can stop in Paris enjoy some good eatables and drinks, get relaxed and then catch your Paris Avignon TGV to reach the city.

Avignon via Lille :- You can also change your train from Lille to the South of France. Eurostar has tie up with TGV. So it will not be difficult for you to catch TGV from Lille.

Avignon Top Attractions

This passionate city offers you lot more than just sight seeing. You can get into the world of historical masterpieces. You can enjoy the simple and silly things in city with a superb taste of France. Every point of interest in the city has its special place and importance. You cannot go without visiting all the places of the city.

Provence Private Tours :- This is a beautiful place where you can have a walking tour and can enjoy the stylish class of France. Slowly blowing breeze touching your body will make you feel homely and heavenly.

Rocher Des Doms :- Near to the city centre this beautiful garden is situated, which is a place for people of all ages. Here you can find lots of restaurants and cafes nearby.

Avignon Festival :- It is an ancient theatre of the city. People visit this place to enjoy various opera shows and holly wood fun.

Pope’s Palace :- This place is worthy to visit. This is a beautiful castle and a historical landmark. This place can provide you a real image of Avignon’s history.

Pont St Benezet :- It is a bridge built on a Rhone River, this place will give you a deep calm and peace to your mind. You can see the beauty of bridge, river and the whole city together.

MuseeLapidaire :- Little away from the city centre this museum attracts plenty of tourist through out the year. This beautiful museum holds fine collection of art and sculptures of the region artists.

Cathedrale Norte - Dame des Doms :- This is a beautiful church accompanied by tower. The church is built in Roman stye and gives a deep aroma of Roman culture. This place is famous for its morning and evening prayers.

Musee Requien :- It is a great museum of natural arts. This is very close to city centre.

Epicurium :- Holds permanent exhibition where you can get into the world of fruits and vegetables. So get ready to enjoy the aroma and variety of fruits and vegetables.

Hotels and Resorts

Avignon provides you lots of hotels and resorts, but it can be difficult for you for searching a good and budgeted hotel in a new city. Eurostar helps you in this. You can book your hotel along with your London Avignon train and can enjoy lots of discounted offers and also a perfect tension free holiday package.

  • Hotel d’Europe
  • Hotel Le Colbert
  • Thames Residence Hotel
  • Hotel de l’Horlage
  • Hotel Boquier
  • Best Western Hotel
  • Hotel Mignon

Avignon Shopping

Avignon is a big shopping hub. You will find markets and shopping malls in every street of the city. You need not to go in search of best shoppers; the city is full of open markets, stylish boutiques, malls and shopping places.

  • Monoprix
  • Fnac
  • Memory
  • Carrefour
  • Auchan Avignon Sud
  • Casa
  • France Loisirs
  • Pylones

Avignon Nightlife Under the calm moon light the city comes in very charming mood. Avignon nights are always rocking and vibrating,come out of your hotel rooms and you will find bars, casinos, discos, pubs in every street.

  • Le Gambrinus
  • Tom Tip
  • Axelle
  • The Cage
  • L’Esclave Bar
  • Pub Z
  • Red Zone
  • AJIM Jazz Club

So why are you thinking much? Go with the online ticket reservation of Eurostar London Avignon Train and do not miss the chance to discover the heavenly city. All above this is enjoy the offers and discounted deals of Eurostar. Have a happy journey.

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Avignon City Guide
A visit to a perfect place can refresh your mind. This plan can make your boring daily life changed and interesting. Avignon offers you plenty of enjoyment in days and nights. Your days can become interesting by the masterpiece attractions of the city. This will take you to dreams of heavens and more over this the people of the city will make you feel familiar and homely.

Avignon has lots of surprises for your nights. You need not to spend boring dull nights in the city.You can get into the famous nightspots of the city and enjoy the stunning life till morning.

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